The crystal chandeliers from our own collections are designed and fabricated in our European and Egyptian facilities. All our chandeliers are decorated with highest quality Asfour crystal. The majority of our chandeliers are made up of copper frames. Each frame can be finished with materials such as nickel, chrome and 24 karat gold.

New Classic

The New Classic chandelier collection consist of a modern take on different European styles such as the French, Italian en Flemish chandelier. A common theme throughout this collection is the use of colored crystal. These crystal shapes are colored through a special proces so they maintain the color spectrum high quality crystal is renowned for. The collection includes chandeliers (pendant lights), ceiling lights, table, wall and floor lamps.

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Crystolight New Classic collection


The Classic Collection is characterized by the Bag Chandelier. In the past this type of chandelier was often viewed as a status symbol which was usualy only seen in places such as palaces. The bag chandelier is made up of tightly laced crystals being held in place by large decorated rings. Besides the bag chandelier this collection also holds a variety of ceilings lights, table and wall lamps.

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Crystolight Classic collection

Maria Theresa

The Maria Theresa chandelier is renowned for the use of a slim frame covered with strips of glass and crystal rosettes. These asthetic features combined with clear crystals make this type of chandelier stand out from all other types. Besides the large models the collection also features beautiful Wall and table lamps.

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Crystolight Maria Theresa collection


The Bohemia collection is made up of all sorts of modern designs. These chandeliers do not have a traditional bronze frame. Instead they are made of a mixture between crystal and glass. Besides the high variety in shapes these chandeliers are also available is all sorts of different colors.

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Crystolight Bohemia collection

New Murano

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Crystolight New Murano collection

New Maria Theresa

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Crystolight New Maria Theresa collection