About us



Crystolight is a Dutch company, founded in 1997 and specialized in designing and producing high quality crystal chandeliers. Our main headquarters is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Although we are based in The Netherlands, we have customers from all over the world.

Asfour Crystal

All of our chandeliers use high quality Asfour Crystal. Asfour is the leading worldwide producer of high quality crystal. Since 1997 we have been the sole representative of Asfour Crystal in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Asfour Crystal contains a PbO value of more than 30 percent, which qualifies them to be high quality Crystal according to European standards. In Europe, unlike in the US, something can not be called high quality crystal if the PbO value is less than 30 percent.

Chandelier Collections

Besides selling chandeliers we also design and produce chandeliers. Every year new models are being added to our collections. You can find a list of our collections below.


We guarantee the quality of all our products. All the components which our chandeliers are made from are high quality and very durable. All chandeliers which have been designed and produced by us consist of the following:

High Quality Crystal

We give a lifetime warranty because we know the quality of our crystal.

Copper frames

A copper base ensures that the frame will not oxidize.

Strong durable clips

The clips we use to hold multiple crystal shapes togther are not only aesthetically beautiful, but are built to last.

Safe wiring

Our chandeliers with both internal and external electrical wiring are fully compliant with the European CE standard.

Where to buy

We have an official showroom in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and in Cairo (Egypt). If you live outside these two countries you can still get our chandeliers through our retailers. If you want to know if there is a retailer in your country or city you can contact us through the contactpage or call us directly at +31 20-427 47 40. In most cases we ship our products worldwide.