Chandeliers and Crystal lighting

Crystolight specializes in high quality crystal chandeliers and lighting. All our chandeliers concist of high quality frames and Asfour crystal. Our collections are composed of both Classic and Modern Chandeliers and include styles such as Maria Theresa, the Flemish, French-, Italian-and Bag Chandelier. Our crystal lighting consists of all sizes, so whether you have a small house, a large villa or an office building, we offer something for everyone.

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Wide variety

Whether you prefer the French, Italian or any other style, our collections contain a wide variety of chandeliers with style influences from all over Europe.

High Quality Crystal

All Crystolight chandeliers contain Asfour crystal with a PbO of more than 30%. Several large and small models are available with clear and colored crystals.

Big and Small

Our chandelier collections consist of both large and small models. Whether your’re on a tight budget or when price isn't an issue, we love to provide you with the chandelier of your dreams.

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Custom Chandeliers

Did you find your dream chandelier but would you like to add some custom components? We can tailor any size chandelier to your specific needs.

Crystal Parts

We offer have a wide range of chandelier- and crystal parts for those who want to put together a chandelier themselves, or own a crystal lighting business.

Diverse Customer Base

Our customer base consists of regular home owners, Dutch celebrities, international retailers and well known restaurants and hotels.


Become a Partner

Want to sell chandeliers and other crystal lighting? Become an official partner and enrich your product selection with Crystolight products.

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